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Intoduction to Fatwa, Shariah Supervision & Governance In Islamic Finance

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  • Author : Dr. Ahcene Lahsasna
  • ISBN : 978-983-44836-3-0
  • Page : 550 pages

  • Description

    This book aims to provide a sound foundation of knowledge in Fatwa and Shari’ah governance in Islamic Finance. This Foundation is coupled with very important aspects of Islamic jurisprudence, legal maxims, and Islamic law of contracts.

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  • Content
    Introduction to Fatwa, Shariah Supervision & Governance in Islamic Finance


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    Book Chapters

    • Introduction to Fatwa
    • Fundamental Knowledge of Fatwa in Islamic Finance
    • Methodology of Fatwa in Islamic Finance
    • Function of Fatwa Through Official Bodies and Organization
    • Analysis Study of Selected Fatwa in Islamic Finance
    • Collections of Fatwa from Selected Islamic Banks and Islamic Financial Institutions in Various
    • Topics in Islamic Finance

    Discussion Section