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Introduction to Shariah & Islamic Jurisprudence – Third Edition

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  • Author : Dr. Mohammad Akram Laldin
  • ISBN : 978-967-0175-06-5
  • Page : 236 pages

  • Description

    INTRODUCTION TO SHARI’AH & ISLAMIC JURISPRUDENCE, is an attempt to provide some lights into the basic principles of Islamic law, which is essential in order to understand the very purpose of the revelation of rulings in Islam. This book begins by discussing some fundamental points related to Islamic law such as the definition of fiqh and Shari’ah and other important issues related to these two terms.

    The objective of Shari’ah, which is considered as fundamental in understanding the very purpose of the revelation of rulings in Islamic law, is also elaborated. In addition, the characteristics of Shari’ah, which differentiate the law of Allah with other laws are discussed in details. The following discussion concentrates on the sources of Islamic Law from which the different rulings in Islam are deduced. This book also examines five important legal maxims. These legal maxims have a great role in the formation of Islamic law because they are used as principles to deduce many rules of fiqh.

    In the last part of this book, the development of Islamic law from the time of the Prophet s.a.w. till present is discussed. Finally, this book talks about the present state of Islamic law and provides some suggestions for the way forward. The writer hopes that this book will shed some light for those who are interested in understanding the basis of Islamic law.

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    Note of Transliteration and the Translation of the Quran

    Book Chapters

    • Introduction
    • Sources of Islamic Law
    • Legal Maxims (al-Qawa’id al-Fiqhiyyah)
    • History of Fiqh