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Readings in The Concept And Methodology of Islamic Economics

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  • Author : Syed Omar Syed Agil, Aidit Ghazali
  • ISBN : 983-42785-1-9
  • Page : 186 pages

  • Description

    Muslim today are striving to rediscover the true meaning of Islamic principle into socio-economic realities. The nascent comprehensive discipline of Islamic economics represents one such creative response from Muslim economists and scholars. Undoubtedly, there is still much to be done, both on the theoretical aspects and practical implementations. This necessity the general Muslim population and non-Muslim alike, who are now becoming increasingly aware of the true nature of Islam.

    This book attempts to answer part of these queries. However, to expect all answers in one book is virtually impossible. Hopefully, this book will prepare the necessary basis and framework towards appreciating the more intricate details of the Islamic economics discipline – a discipline that recognizes no dichotomy between the mundane aspects of man’s life and his spiritual observations.

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    Book Chapters

    • Tawhid: The Concept and the Process
    • Islamic Economics: An Approach to Human Welfare
    • Islamic Economics and Its Methodology
    • Methodology of Islamic Economics
    • Islamic Economics System - A Review
    • Towards Establishing the Microfoundations of Islamic Economics: The Basis of the Basics
    • Economics and Ethics in Islam
    • Islamic Economics: The State of the Art
    • Problems of Research in Islamic Economic
    • Contemporary Problems in the Islamisation of Economics