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ALLAH : A Psychospritual Contemplation on His Name

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  • Author : Mohamed Hatta Shaharom
  • ISBN : 978-983-43710-2-9
  • Page : 198 pages

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    Perhaps, the most popular word which means God that is most repeated at any moment in time is the word Allah. Daily, this Arabic Name of God is being mentioned countless of time by more that a billion people coming from various ethnic groups and religions.

    Allah is the Arabic word for “the God” and is derived from an old Semitic word. Among the Canaanites, God was known as El, This name is preserved in Hebrew names as Isra-El, Beth-El and Ishma-El. Most Arabic-speaking Eastern Christian and Jewish communities living in Muslim countries use the name Allah for God. The world, regardless of whether the majority of their speakers are Muslims (like the Malaysian and Indonesian languages) or not (like the Spanish and Portuguese languages).

    To the ears of the Believer, the Names of the Attributes of Allah are beautiful when recited aloud or otherwise. Even when they being mentioned in a silent manner, they have soothing sound tho the reciter. When written in calligraphic form, these Names become among the most beautiful of Islamic art forms.

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    • Allah: The One and Only God
    • Names of Allah: Beautiful and Glorious
    • Proof of Allah: Understanding the Signs of God
    • The Beloved of Allah: Prophets and Messengers of God
    • Slaves of Allah: Servants of God
    • Books of Allah: Scriptures of God
    • Angels of Allah: Spiritual Beings of God
    • Judgment of Allah: The Hour, Destiny and the Hereafter 115 9. Healing of Allah: Guidance and Mercy of God




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