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Leadership In a Changing Landscape

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  • Author : CERT
  • ISBN : 978-983-43710-7-4
  • Page : 396 pages

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    Finding effective leaders in the current changing economical, political, social and cultural landscape is a daunting task, with some industries experiencing more acute leadership problems than others. For that matter,this book covers a wide spectrum and deliberate on issues related to academic leadership, leadership in military and corporate world, leadership and women, leadership from Islamic perspective as well as leadership in other settings, The chapters presented are a collection of research of contributors from various disciplines and universities from different parts of the world. The book is designed to cater to a wide audience of academicians, industrialists, policy makers, researchers and those have some interest in the topic of leadership.

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    Book Chapters

    • Leadership Styles of Heads of Departments and Academic Staff’s Self-Efficacy at International Islamic University Malaysia
    • A Comparison of Military, Corporate and Academic Leadership Roles
    • Leadership Styles and Job Satisfaction among Employees In SMEs
    • Leadership Effects of Investment in Social Capital
    • Making Women Empowerment a National Agenda: Botswana Case Study
    • The Current State of Knowledge Leadership in Malaysian Universities
    • Unravelling Leadership Barriers in Papua New Guinea
    • Corporate Governance Compliance, Board of Directors Facets and Firm’s Performance in Malaysia
    • Influence Perceptions of Success among Male and Female Managers: An Experimental Study
    • Quality Performance And Leadership: A Case Study of Malaysian Manufacturing Industries
    • A Study on Problems, Roles and Factors Affecting Perceived Effectiveness of Course Leader Performance
    • Leadership Styles And Knowledge Sharing: a Comparative Study
    • Man, Society and Leadership in the Prolegomena: Exploring the Thoughts of Ibn Khaldun
    • Women at the Helm: The Story of Seven Muslim Women
    • Developing Managerial Competencies and Creating Master Managers as a Vehicle for Accomplishing Total Quality Management (TQM)
    • An Empirical Investigation: Impact of Leadership, Firm and Environmental Characteristics on Export Propensity of Malaysian Automotive Firms